Providing Highly Specialized Solutions
MTTS is a provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for Electro-Mechanical, Low Current, Environmental, Water Technology and Renewable Energy products and services.  Whether they are product applications for individual systems or solutions for complete projects, MTTS has the expertise and the experience to meet the most stringent requirements from the clients.

MTTS provides highly specialized services and solutions in:
Automation and Lighting Controls
Low Current Integrated Systems
Environmental Products
Renewable Energy
Water Systems
Pipes & Drainage Systems

Established in 1999, MTTS was founded with a modest yet dedicated group of people with the firm belief that client’s expectations are to be surpassed, not just met.  Over the years, MTTS broadened its scope to include emerging Green Technologies and transformed into a complete Systems Solutions House with over 340 experienced professionals employed in its offices in Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Khobar and Madinah.

Bringing Service Closer to Customers

At MTTS, the services are structured around the products as well as around client’s needs.  It also recognizes the importance of establishing a close relationship with the clients.  Based on these two significant aspects, MTTS is able to create a sense of accessibility among its clients while at the same time have a physical presence in the form of branch offices in four major cities of the Kingdom.

Ensuring Complete Customer Satisfaction

MTTS places tremendous value to professionalism while delivering products and services.  The products and services have to first go through meticulous, in-house selection and implementation processes in order to qualify as a viable solution for the customer.  This ensures complete customer satisfaction during the entire lifecycle of the project.

Areas in which MTTS provides expertise include:
System Design
After Sales Service
Materials Supply
Spare Parts and Maintenance
Installation, Testing & Commissioning
Optimizing Performance through Professional Development

Encouraging employees to actively participate in professional trainings is among the innovative strategies formulated by MTTS to optimize performance and to stimulate continuous professional development.  This allows the Sales & Technical teams to keep abreast of technological advancements while catering to the client’s unique project requirements.

From the onset, MTTS has the privilege to bring under its umbrella some of the best professionals whose dedication and efforts make it possible to keep projects on schedule and meet exacting project deadlines.  It is because of this human capital, with their combined experience and professionalism, that MTTS has witnessed a steady rate of growth and success.

MTTS Mission Statement

Building long term relationships with our clients by providing them with state-of-the-art products and services related to the building industry.

MTTS Vision Statement

To become the leading Systems Solutions House for electro-mechanical and water technology products and services in the region.

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