Building Management Systems
Building Management Systems (BMS) provided by MTTS are based upon cutting-edge technologies with solutions selected for optimum performance. This not only helps customers maintain efficient building infrastructure services, but allows them to take proactive security measures and help prevent costly breakdowns.

Freely Programmable Controllers  
Schneider is MTTS’ Alliance Integration Partner which offers independent (stand alone) DDC controllers that can be networked with a single pair of cable and has provision for future system expansions and system integrations.  Based on the Open Integrated System, Schneider’s controllers possess integration capabilities with Building Management Systems and allow it to control & monitor:

HVAC Systems
Plumbing Systems
Fire Fighting Systems
Electrical Systems
Door Access & Security Systems and much more.

Schneider controllers use the Open protocol and thus can be connected directly to any system or PC that is BACNet/LONTalk compatible. 

BACnet Family