Lighting Control & Home Automation
Lighting Control & Home Automation products are based on the simple, yet proven KNX/EIB technology which is now accepted as the world's first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings (industrial, commercial or residential).  KNX/EIB range covers a complete spectrum of applications found in today's buildings ranging from lighting and shutter control to heating, ventilation, security, energy management, and many more.  KNX/EIB systems offer scalability, security and stability that allow you to:
Lower your operating costs resulting in considerable energy savings
Actual presence and/or time profile dependent lighting and heating.
Save Time
Considerably reduce design and installation time using single bus, interlinked communicating devices. Ability to combine products of different manufacturers with different communication media (twisted pair, radio frequency, power line or IP/Ethernet) to one installation.
Flexibility and adaptability to future developments
KNX installations are easily adapted to new applications and are extendable. New components can be easily connected to the existing bus installations.