BTU, Electricity, Water and Gas Meters
Installing Meters provided by MTTS translate into precision, quality, flexibility and long life.  Our Meters are especially designed for long term stability and are fully electronic for simple and secure data reading.  Accumulated energy consumption and other stored data can be viewed on the meter’s digital display.  These meters can also be equipped with a communication module to allow data transfer for billing, operation optimization and analysis.

Designed to handle routine and ad-hoc tasks, our systems use the modular approach to combine well-known and tested parts and create a variety of solutions to meet the customer’s requirements. In this way, a complete solution is developed according to the specific needs and adopted to suit the customer’s operation and business; all supplied, installed and put into operation by one supplier.

Electricity Meters
Designed without any moving parts to prevent mechanical wear-n-tear making them less sensitive to shock impacts. High resolution digital display, proven long-term stability and extreme accuracy allow quick verification and sampling tests with all types of standard verification equipment. 
Water Meters
Based on the ultrasonic technology, these meters for metering tap water are the new generation of consumption meters.
Heat & Cooling
The energy meters we provide for measuring heat or cooling are developed on the basis of years of experience and innovative research.
Built-in calculator functionality.
Gas Products
We offer a wide range of quality products for metering, regulating, and testing in the field of distribution and transmission of natural gas.